Innovation doesn't have to be big and bold, it can just be simple changes to how you do something that can improve farm productivity and profitability.

Innovation: introduce changes and new ideas

Increasing farm sustainability and resilience is key to securing a future for the next generations.  Making changes, whether big or small, can often help to find ‘a better way of doing things’, improving both productivity and profitability.  Sometimes the best innovations come from seeing how others work, taking their ideas and modifying to fit your system.  The first step to help you decide where best to make changes can be a carbon audit.  This can highlight areas within the farm enterprises where efficiencies can be made.  We have practical guides and case studies across many agricultural sectors that can give you ideas of how other Scottish farmers are reducing their farm carbon emissions and improving sustainability.

Getting the value out of slurry

As one of this years on-farm trials, we are taking a closer look at how to get the best value out of slurry applications.

We have set up some trial plots with previous climate change focus farmer John Kerr at Woodhead Farm, a dairy unit in Ayrshire.  Watch SAC Consulting’s Lorna Galloway give a quick overview of what we are aiming to find out as the project gets underway.  Keep up to date via the Farming for a Better Climate Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

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