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Faecal egg counts for cattle

This video looks at the benefits and practicalities of faecal egg counts in cattle. Megan…

A large, blue metal slurry store behind a stock proof fence.


Fertiliser and soils at Woodhead

In this podcast you will hear from SAC Consulting's Lorna Galloway and Robert Ramsay, who…


Farm Planning In Difficult Times: Energy, Economy, and Ecology

Farming is at a difficult crossroad, in pursuit of low carbon farming solutions the industry…


Soil regen agriculture techniques: making them work for you

Have you thought about reduced tillage, but concerned it might not work for you? Thinking…


Soil Regenerative Agriculture Group – Reducing fixed costs at Backboath

SAC Consulting's Soil Regenerative Agriculture Group's facilitator visits Backboath. Hugh Black who farms Backboath is…

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