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A large, blue metal slurry store behind a stock proof fence.


Fertiliser and soils at Woodhead

In this podcast you will hear from SAC Consulting's Lorna Galloway and Robert Ramsay, who…

An on-farm wind turbine in a field, framed by a hedgerow and hedgerow trees.


Series 2, Episode 12: Shifting towards Net Zero

Hear Séamus Murphy and SAC Consulting’s Iain Boyd discuss the wider picture around our journey…


Series 2, Episode 11: Carbon sequestration schemes; verifying climate benefits

With carbon sequestration schemes around woodland planting and peatland restoration being viable options for some…


Series 2, Episode 10: Beyond the farm gate

Here Séamus Murphy and Robert Ramsay speak to SAC Consulting’s energy and carbon specialist John…


Series 2, Episode 9: Sector focus – Dairy

SAC Specialist Lorna MacPherson joins regular hosts Séamus Murphy and Robert Ramsay to take a…


Series 2, Episode 8: Sector focus – Beef

Séamus Murphy and Robert Ramsay take a look at the beef sector, and how farmers…


Series 2, Episode 6: Sector focus – Sheep

Farming for a Better Climate podcast hosts Séamus Murphy and Robert Ramsay are joined by…


Series 2, Episode 5: Sector focus – Pigs

In the first of our sector-focused series, SAC Consultant George Chalmers joins regular hosts Séamus…


Series 2, Episode 4: Energy Episode 1: Renewables

In this episode Seamus Murphy and Robert Ramsay speak to SAC Consulting's Iain Boyd about…


Series 2, Episode 3: Carbon Markets

In this episode the focus moves from carbon markets to the wider policy and market…

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