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Whether you manage an estate, are a crofter, small-holder, arable or livestock farmer, there are various networks across Scotland where you can learn more about how others are managing similar systems.

The Integrating Trees Network has a network of farmer led farms, crofts and estates sharing knowledge and advice on planting and managing trees. The Agriculture, Biodiversity and Climate Change Network showcases what others are already doing to reduce carbon emissions and support biodiversity. The Soil Regenerative Agriculture Group followed the journey of five farmers who were working and learning together as they transitioned towards no-till/reduced tillage.  There was a lot to learn and trial and we’ve collated their updates and progress. The farmer led Climate Change Focus Farms used a baseline carbon audit to highlight areas of the farm business where carbon emissions could be reduced.  Over a four year period each farm hosted numerous updates and events to show how various efficiency measures were increasing productivity and in many cases profitability.


Integrating Trees Network

The Integrating Trees Network, managed by Scottish Forestry and the Scottish Government, hosts events for all farmers and crofters across Scotland. We bring you together, along with experts to share their practical knowledge, experiences and advice about the processes, objectives, challenges and outcomes of planting trees.

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Soil Regenerative Agriculture Group (SRAG)

Five farmers are working together to establish how best to support, enhance and protect their farm soils.

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Climate Change Focus Farms (CCFF)

Learn more about our Climate Change Focus Farmers. View their Practical Guides, Factsheets and read their Case Studies.

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Agriculture, Biodiversity and Climate Change Network (ABCCN)

The Agriculture, Biodiversity and Climate Change Network (ABCCN) is a space for any and all farmers and crofters to share the work they are already doing on farm to support the climate and environment.

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