Show off your environmental credentials!

Rebecca Audsley, Principal Consultant, SAC Consulting.

From hedge management to reduced tillage, land managers across Scotland are already taking plenty of steps to tackle the twin challenges of biodiversity loss and climate change. The thing is, we don’t always get to hear about it.
However, this could be about to change. Via the Agriculture, Biodiversity and Climate Change (ABCC) Network, farms, crofts and estates across Scotland are highlighting some of the biodiversity measures and carbon friendly steps that they are already taking, the many benefits this brings and how they have made it work for both their business and the environment.

One of the things farmers share via the Network is what they would do differently if beginning again from scratch. Starting sooner was one of the common answers, alongside learning by trial and error and seeking more collaboration with others to achieve their aims. And going forward? A focus on soil health, tree planting and more renewables were all on the ‘to-do’ list.

All crofters and farmers can be part of the ABCC Network. Not only will it showcase some of the steps you are taking to support biodiversity and reduce emissions, but it could also help other farmers by providing practical ideas to adopt or adapt for their holding too.

To see what other farmers have done, and to be part of the network, visit our ABCCN webpages or email

The ABCCN is a joint government and industry initiative supported by Scottish Government, Farming for a Better Climate, SAC Consulting, NFUS, QMS and Soil Association Scotland. Farming for a Better Climate is funded by the Scottish Government.

This article was first published in the April 2023 edition of the Farming Scotland magazine

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