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Andrew Whiteford & family

Burnfoot Farm, Sanquhar

The Whiteford family farm at Burnfoot Farm, Sanquhar.  Which extends to 3500 acres, with 2500 acres being hill ground. The farm sits at 100m and hill rising to 400m above sea level, with average annual rainfall of 1000mm

They have a herd of 300 spring block calving pedigree Luings, bred pure or crossed with Aberdeen Angus, Charolais and Simmental, producing replacements, breeding heifers and stores. There is a flock of 1500 ewes made up of Scottish Blackface, bred pure or crossed with Bluefaced Leicester for replacements, breeding sales, crossing with Texel and producing fat lambs.

The farm already had 150 acres plus of woodland, riparian and shelter belts before, the new woodland creation of 50Ha was planted in two blocks. The scheme undertaken was Sheep and trees, this Forestry Grant Scheme enables application for both woodland creation and forest infrastructure. This scheme has which provided multiple benefits to the farm e.g. access to stock for feeding and monitoring,  creating areas for feeding allowing stock out for longer, gathering easier, provide access to excising woodland for felling and to new woodland when requires thinning in future years thus providing an income stream.

Upcoming Event

Integrating Trees Network Event: Wednesday, 22nd September 7pm – 8pm 

Andrew Whiteford will introduce us to Burnfoot Farm, a 3500 acre hill beef and sheep farm, near Sanquhar. He will talk about his family’s new venture into woodland creation and forest infrastructure, through the Forestry Grant Schemes Sheep and Trees grant. We'll discuss the initial thought process, the decision to plant trees, objectives, challenges and benefits etc. We will also have a speaker from Scottish Forestry joining us to discuss funding and first steps to woodland creation. As this is a farmer-led network please come along and bring your questions and ideas to help us guide future events. Book your free place here