Nether Aden Climate Change Focus Farm - Closing Event

Nether Aden Climate Change Focus Farm – Closing Meeting

SAC Consulting would like to invite you to join us on Wednesday 6 March where we'll be exploring the findings from and officially close the Nether Aden Climate Change Focus Farm. We will review some of the work done to date by the farmer, David Barron, and what impact this has had on his farm business, both financially and in terms of carbon emissions.

We'll highlight the changes that David has already made at Nether Aden and future changes that are planned.  Topics to be discussed will include: 

  • Soil analysis - maximising the use of the information provided
  • Nutrient use and getting the most out of organic manures
  • Improvements to soil health & the use of green manures
  • Improvements to grass yields, grass utilisation & forage quality
  • The use of new technologies to aid management
  • Improvements to animal health; rationing & animal performance
  • Bull management & fertility
  • Increasing the production and efficiency of beef production
  • Building design and ventilation
  • The use of hydrogen as a fuel on farm

Activity on the farm & management changes made have all been underpinned with a series of carbon audits conducted each year to show the impacts of the decisions on the carbon emissions of the business.  Very often there is a correlation between improvements in carbon emissions and farm profitability.  Join us to find out what actions have had the most significant impact on David's carbon footprint and how he hopes to make further improvements.

We will meet on Wednesday 6th March at 7:00pm at the Mustard Seed Café, New Deer, Turriff, AB53 6WE.

For more information about this event or to book your place, please contact Alan Bruce, SAC Consulting by telephone on 01888 563333 or by email at