Rumbletonrig - Gaining Production Improvements from good Animal Health & Fertiliser Management

SAC Consulting invite you to the next Rumbletonrig Climate Change Focus Farm event - Gaining Production Improvements from good Animal Health & Fertiliser Management

11:00 Wednesday 5 December 2018 starting at Rumbletonrig Farm, TD10 6XS

Cattle at a feed rail in a shed at Rumbletonrig

This meeting is the 11th in a series of planned events to explore workable ideas to improve farm profits and business efficiency.


  • Cattle Health at Housing
  • Better Use of Nitrogen Fertiliser


  • Catriona Dykes – SAC Disease Surveillance Centre, St Boswells
  • Bob Rees – SRUC Carbon Management Centre

What is the Meeting About?

  • A disease outbreak, at best checks cattle performance and at worst results in animal death with both affecting your profit and carbon footprint. Weaning and winter housing causes increased stress and risk of a disease. Vet Catriona Dykes will discuss a number of topical health issues and provide steps to follow when they occur.
  • Nitrous oxide is a greenhouse gas with a carbon equivalent 300 times greater than carbon dioxide. Good management of organic and inorganic fertiliser and choice of nitrogen product can help to re-duce such losses. Bob Rees will identify where these losses occur and if protected nitrogen products can help?

Why attend?

  • Gain a better understanding of greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture
  • Learn about actions to take when pneumonia hits
  • Find out about protected nitrogen products

This event is open to all and free to attend. The event will begin at Rumbletonrig before moving to Greenlaw Village Hall where lunch will be provided. Please call 01835 823322 or email to reserve your place.

Read meeting notes from previous events on our Rumbletonrig page.