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Castlemains Farm, East Lothian (Arable)

Bob Simpson and his family farm at Castlemains on the edge of the village of Dirleton, less than two miles west of North Berwick, East Lothian. The arable farm covers 235 hectares with a mix of winter wheat, spring barley, oilseed rape, winter barley, combining peas and brussels sprouts. With a good climate and fertile soil, Castlemains is ideal for a varied crop rotation that helps maintain soil structure and nutrients.

Bob volunteered as a Climate Change Focus Farm from 2014 - 2018. During the course of the project, Bob saved in the region of £14,000 and reduced his carbon footprint by 14%* through practical tweaks to existing practices.
(* discounting the potato crop which was grown in the first year of the project only)

How can you benefit from the work at Castlemains?

Bob looked at topics ranging from reducing farm energy use to improving and protecting soil fertility, cover cropping and min-till.  The links below give an overview of some of the topics which were discussed at the on-farm meetings.

More Information

There is more information on our Downloads page, ranging from what other farmers have done, to practical guides and ideas you can adapt and consider to benefit your own farm business and reduce the farm carbon footprint.

How do you compare?  You can complete your own carbon audit via Agrecalc, or if you would prefer a bit of help, a free carbon audit is available via Scotland’s Farm Advisory Service (FAS) at