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Ardoch of Gallery

Willie Officer, in partnership with his Parents, farm at Ardoch of Gallery near Montrose in Angus.

The arable farm covers just over 131 hectares, growing winter wheat, spring barley, oilseed rape and seed potatoes.  The business has recently diversified into daffodils, with 8 ha in bulbs and si gnificant investment in new storage facilities.

Willie has volunteered to work with SRUC as a Climate Change Focus Farm. Over the three year initiative, Willie will look at practical measures that suit Ardoch of Gallery to improve farm efficiency and resource use, and in turn reduce the farm carbon footprint.


How can you benefit from work at Ardoch of Gallery?

Reducing the farm carbon footprint can save you money. A series of on-farm meetings discussing practical ideas and ways to improve resource use efficiency and profitability are underway at Ardoch of Gallery; they are free to attend and all farmers are welcome.