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The Farming for a Better Climate (FFBC) newsletter keeps you up to date with some of the tips and ideas we are exploring with other farmers and through Scotland's Farm Advisory Service (FAS) to help improve farm efficiency and profitability and reduce Scottish agriculture’s carbon footprint.

A field of sunflowers at Leitfie Farm
A photo of a podcast recording studio with a close range photo of a speaker and headphones and in the background a computer monitor showing sound waves on the screen.
A photo profile of Michael Ritch who farms at East Fingask.

What's been happening?

Since our last newsletter, we have spoken with farmers, specialists and consultants to put together an exciting new monthly podcast series, all done safely over the telephone.

Harvest time and establishing new crops, coupled with ongoing restrictions around meeting up in person, has meant a quieter period in terms of us getting out on farm and catching up with the Soil Regenerative Agriculture Group.  That said, there is still plenty to report around the activities across the five farms, including their work on early establishment of cover crops (shown here days after harvest at Moss-side of Esslie).

Alongside the recently announced Update to the Scottish Governments Climate Change Plan, there have been plenty of other reports, documents and consultations released over the autumn and winter months. We will be highlighting some of these throughout this newsletter.  If you would like to have your say, or just need some bedtime reading, there's plenty to go at.

In this edition...


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