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The Farming for a Better Climate (FFBC) newsletter keeps you up to date with some of the tips and ideas we are exploring with other farmers and through Scotland's Farm Advisory Service (FAS) to help improve farm efficiency and profitability and reduce Scottish agriculture’s carbon footprint.

The Soil Regenerative Agriculture Group meeting in a field of winter beans.
A tractor direct drilling crop using a claydon drill.

What's been happening?

We’ve been keeping busy here at Farming for a Better Climate.  The easing of some Scottish Government restrictions around Covid19 have meant we could once again meet on farm, albeit in a small group and observing social distancing requirements.  Still, it’s a positive step.  If restrictions allow, we are considering an event to showcase some of the measures the Soil Regenerative Agriculture Group have been exploring and putting into place.  Keep an eye on our social media pages for any announcements.

We have a short video from Hugh Black to share with you about his Winter Beans over on our new YouTube account and the group have been looking at some the benefits nutritional farming can have on their businesses.

In this newsletter, we will catch up with some of the other activities in the Soil Regenerative Agriculture Group (pictured right), take a look at COP26 which will be coming to Glasgow in November and pick up on a few other bits and pieces that have been happening over the spring months along the way.

Read on to see how other farmers are profitably tackling climate change, benefiting both the environment and farm business.

In this edition...

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