Getting the best value from slurry

Working with farmer John Kerr from Woodhead Farm, Ayrshire, we've been exploring how to get the best value from slurry applications.

During the 2023 grazing and silage season, we’ve been working with dairy farmer and former Climate Change Focus Farm host, John Kerr.  John farms at Woodhead Farm, Ayrshire and was keen to explore how to reduce input costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

John, working with local SAC Consultants Lorna Galloway and Robert Ramsay, set up some trial plots looking at combinations of farm yard organic manures and artificial fertilisers, low artificial fertiliser applications, recommendations on the basis of soil sampling – these included sulphur applications.  There were also plots that received below and above the recommended fertiliser applications.  The plots havd grass yields monitored and measured to allow some conclusions to be drawn about how best to use fertiliser applications to maximise grass growth, applicable to this particular farm.

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