Optimising Livestock Performance


To ensure efficient management of livestock and poultry and their manures – this can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve farm profitability.

  • Draw up and regularly review animal health plans for all your livestock
  • Increase longevity of breeding stock; look for a high output per breeding unit
  • Improve efficiency of feed conversion; achieve optimum daily liveweight gains
  • Increase efficiency gains in livestock fertility
  • Where possible cover and aerate slurry and manure while stored
  • Consider on-farm anaerobic digestion of manures and slurries from all livestock

For example:

By making good quality silage and knowing feed value, Ross Paton at Torr Farm was able to reduce 1kg concentrates per dairy cow per day over the housed period. Over a typical winter this saved 32 tonnes of concentrates which would have cost the business £10,355 and reduced the farm carbon footprint.

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