Case Study: Ross Mitchell

Ross Mitchell, Castleton Farm, near Laurencekirk.

Ross Mitchell runs Castleton Farm in partnership with his father Murray.  The business covers over 600 ha, specialising in strawberries, raspberries, cherries and blueberries, supplying Marks & Spencers. Ross and Murray have some root crops and daffodils, although the land is predominantly managed for soft fruit production under polytunnels.

Alleviating soil compaction

Soil compaction is an issue and one Ross and his team would like to reduce or eliminate.  In 2018 Ross moved to no-tillage and is giving this a try. If successful, this could help to make the farm more resilient and help to reduce the risk of compaction whilst also improving farm soils.

What's next?

Building and improving soil organic matter is something Ross would like to work on through the project.