Farm Planning In Difficult Times: Energy, Economy, and Ecology

Farming is at a difficult crossroad, in pursuit of low carbon farming solutions the industry has been encouraged to look at options to promote sustainability, at the same time, external factors are forcing radical change on how we farm, at a pace that few can manage effectively. With ongoing international and political uncertainty, it is hard to get a grip on where things are going. How will I cover the rising costs of electricity? How will new policy impact me? Where is farming policy heading anyway? These are all valid questions that rightly have many in the industry concerned.

Over the last few months, Farming for a Better Climate held a number of meetings across the country but we recognise that an in person meeting isn’t for everyone and that travel and distance can make attending difficult, particularly for those in more remote locations. To address this, we are running this webinar, along with returning guest speakers so that no one is disadvantaged. We have also listened to the feedback from those meetings and are encouraged that so many farmers want to hear more about nature conservation and high nature value farming practices, and so, in addition to renewables specialist, John Farquhar, and senior consultant and area manager, Andrew Coalter, we are pleased to bring on Professor Davy McCracken, SRUC Head of Research at Kirkton & Auchentyre to cover the topic.

So, if you’re concerned over the rising costs of electricity, if you’ve had offers about farm scale renewables that sounds too good to be true, our renewables specialist, John Farquhar is the man to speak to. If you don’t understand what impact Rishi Sunak’s premiership will have on your finances, Andrew Coalter can put you at ease and if you have questions on conservation and the direction of policy, Davy McCracken will be on hand to navigate the topic and provide insight into the future of Scottish land-use policy.

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