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Series 2, Episode 5: Sector focus – Pigs

In the first of our sector-focused series, SAC Consultant George Chalmers joins regular hosts Séamus…


Series 2, Episode 4: Energy Episode 1: Renewables

In this episode Seamus Murphy and Robert Ramsay speak to SAC Consulting's Iain Boyd about…


Series 2, Episode 3: Carbon Markets

In this episode the focus moves from carbon markets to the wider policy and market…


Series 2, Episode 2: Carbon Markets

In this episode Seamus Murphy is joined again by Robert Ramsay and specialist John Farquhar…


Series 2, Episode 1: Carbon Markets

Carbon markets are becoming more common in land use and the potential for farmers to…


Series 1, Episode 9: The benefits of reduced tillage

In this Episode Agricultural consultants Zach Reilly and David Ross speak about the positives of…


Series 1, Episode 8: Adapting to a changing climate

In this episode Séamus Murphy speaks to Environment consultant Iain Boyd and Anna Beswick of…


Series 1, Episode 7: Grazing Strategies: One size doesn’t fit all

In this episode SAC Consulting sheep specialist Poppy Frater speaks to farmers Alex Brewster of…


Series 1, Episode 6: Hardgrove Farm: Improving efficiencies with herd health & fertility management

In this Farming for a Better Climate podcast environment consultant Séamus Murphy and dairy specialist…

Electric fencing within and agroforestry situation with long grass being grazed by black cattle surrounded by conifor trees. Photo credit: Nikki Yoxall


Series 1, Episode 5: Agroforestry Systems

In this episode Poppy Frater, SAC Consulting's Sheep & Grassland Specialist chats with Nikki Yoxall, from Grampian Graziers and Finn…


Series 1, Episode 4: Improving Efficiencies in the Dairy Herd

In this episode, we hear from Lorna MacPherson, Senior Dairy Consultant with SAC Consulting, and…

An image of a stag outside a wooded area with the title of the podcast - Thrill of the Hill and the Scottish Farm Advisory Service logo overlaid on top of the image. The entire imagehas been treated with a purple overlay.


Thrill of The Hill – Opportunities in Agroforestry

In this podcast is brought to you by the Scottish Farm Advisory Service. Agroforestry allows…

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