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Do the grants cover all the costs?

Establishment grants and annual payments

Grants can cover up to 90% of costs, including planning, planting, maintenance and tree protection.

The maintenance costs incurred will depend on the loss of trees and how many you need to replace. Good establishment and weed control in the first 2 years should give trees a good start and reduce maintenance costs in following years. If you carry out the work yourself this will reduce costs instead of getting a contractor in.

If you require extra income to make woodland creation viable and are eligible, consider the Woodland Carbon Code where you can sell on carbon credits from your new woodland.

Are there grants targeted at Agroforestry?

Agroforestry can be described as an integrated approach to land management, where trees and agriculture co-exist to provide multiple benefits.  Financial support is available through the Forestry Grant Scheme (FGS) to help you create small-scale woodlands within sheep grazing pasture, land (silvopastoral system) or on arable land (silvoarable system).  The Forestry Grant Scheme offers financial support for the creation of new woodland and the sustainable management of existing woodland.  Apply for a grant through the Scottish Government’s Rural Payments and Services website.

Is there a minimum acreage for these grants?

Its 0.25 hectares (0.6 acres) for most grant options, as shown on the info graphic.

Is there any funding for bringing livestock into existing forestry land (i.e. allowing cattle/sheep to freely roam?)

Take a look at;

How long is land is eligible for BPS (Basic Payment Scheme)?

From 2015, farmed land that is eligible for the Basic Payment Scheme and is afforested under the new Forestry Grant Scheme, will continue to be eligible for the Basic Payment Scheme.  See Woodland Creation (

Small scale woodland projects

Forestry loan to help small scale woodland projects. Under the scheme, half of the upfront costs associated with planting a new woodland, including buying trees, ground preparation or fencing, can now be paid in advance by Scottish Forestry. The aim is to remove any cash flow barriers that crofters, farmers, or any other small woodland owner might have when considering tree planting. The loan works alongside the existing main Forestry Grant Scheme and is aimed at woodland creation projects up to 20 hectares in size.

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