July 2021 Update from Backboath

Warm weather in Angus has cheered many farmers up with harvest only just around the corner. This is the latest, July update from Backboath as of 20th July 2021.

Spring Beans

Hugh’s beans have grown on very well, receiving only one fungicide to date to control chocolate spot. However, several colonies of black bean aphid have been found (pictured) within his winter and spring beans. When more than one in ten plants are colonised, an aphicide is required to prevent crop damage.




Winter Wheat Establishment

Hugh experimented with a few wheat establishment methods in 2020. He modified a subsoiler with two coulters behind each leg to provide himself with a strip till option at a low cost. Following this trial through, Hugh thinks that the rows are a little too wide at 32cm and is currently modifying his subsoiler so that he can fill the largest space with an additional row. Hugh has seen a large increase in his worm numbers by using this method of establishment and is determined to find a way to establish wheat without spending a fortune on a drill!

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