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What things need considering in planning and design?

A thumbnail image of the front cover of Scottish Forestry's 'Preparing Woodland Creation Applications' guide for land managers.

For practical guidance on protection, seed sourcing and species choice.   There’s an easy to understand “walk through” guide to assist in the preparation of new woodland creation applications which you can view here.  The document covers:

  • Species choice (page 10)
  • Protection (page 12)
  • Seed sourcing (page 15)

A new Forestry loan to help small scale woodland projects has been launched.  Under the scheme, half of the upfront costs associated with planting a new woodland, including buying trees, ground preparation or fencing, can now be paid in advance by Scottish Forestry.  The aim is to remove any cash flow barriers that crofters, farmers, or any other small woodland owner might have when considering tree planting.  The new loan works alongside the existing main Forestry Grant Scheme and is aimed at woodland creation projects up to 20 hectares in size.

If you would like to be involved or have ideas about what you’d like events to focus on, please do get in touch with us: and