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What are the main maintenance tasks?

There are a number of maintenance task that will need to be carried out, these include:

  • Maintain weed-free areas around the trees
  • Replacing failed trees
  • Maintaining the deer/stock fencing
  • Herbivore control

For additional information and contract requirements see Woodland Creation (

Planting to felling

The optimum time between planting to felling will depend on type of tree and growth rate. The better suited a tree is to the ground, the better it will grow (see planning and design section). Thinning improves the quality of the crop, increases stability and provides a regular income stream.

Have a forestry consultant out to look at the woodland and assess management options.

Useful information includes:

We’ll be selecting more demonstrator farms and crofts as the network develops.  If you would like to be involved or have ideas about what you’d like  events to focus on, please do get in touch with us: and