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The Imrie Family

Hillhead Farm, Torrance near Glasgow

The Imrie family from Torrance near Glasgow gathered together in a hay field with two tractors parked in the background.The Imrie family have farmed at Hillhead farm in Torrance near Glasgow for 4 generations. This family-run farm comprises 400 acres owned, plus 100 acres rented.  It has an altitude of 40m down at Tower Farm, running up to 218m above sea level at the highest point - the trig point on Blairskaith Muir where the new forestry creation scheme will shortly be planted.

The farm has 500 breeding ewes - Scotch Mule, Texel X - lambing in April and producing fat lambs for sale. The farm also has 80 suckler cows with an Aberdeen/ Simmental X calving in spring with calves sold as store @400-450kg.

The woodland creation is a new enterprise for the farm and some discussion was had within the family before it went ahead. They are now at the stage of fencing, cultivating and planting trees on just over 27 Ha. Creating a number benefits of the farm not least an asset for the future.

Previous Events

The introductory online event with Hillhead Farm took place on the 17th March 2021.  Key messages for attendees were:

  • Environment - You have to work with what's on the ground - don't try and change it too much or work against it
  • Social - Involve the local community as much as possible in planning - that helps to defuse any potential issues
  • Economic –Take the pressure off the farm by diversifying and spreading the risk;
  • Future benefits – Think about protecting the next generation.  Often the farming calendar doesn’t allow for business owners to plan to far ahead – things pile up and opportunities are missed.  There is so much unpredictability in regards to price of output and inputs, weather, political and environmental shifts, subsidies etc. The grants are available now, there are targets to be met and so this a great opportunity to safeguard the future of the business.

We’ll be revisiting Hillend Farm in the next few months to hear more from the Imrie Family about woodland creation and management on the farm.

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