Corrimony Farm near Glen Urquhart, Inverness-shire is run by David Girvan in partnership with his parents Lindsay and Maime Girvan.

The farm covers 3,035 hectares and is made up of predominantly permanent grass and hill ground. Corrimony has 130 spring calvers, mainly Aberdeen Angus, Limousin and Stabiliser to Stabiliser and Charolais along with 550 ewes LLeyn pure and crossed with NZ Highlander, lambs all finished.

David has volunteered to work with SRUC as a Climate Change Focus Farm. Over the three year initiative, David will consider practical ways to improve farm efficiency and reduce the farm carbon footprint.

How can you benefit from work at Corrimony and the Focus Farms Highland Farming Efficiency Network?

Reducing the farm carbon footprint can save you money. A series of on-farm meetings to consider practical ways to improve profitability are underway at Corrimony, Auchmore and Clynelish farms who are working together as a ‘Highland Farming Efficiency Network’. Meetings are free to attend and all farmers are welcome.

Corrimony Upland Beef and Sheep Case Study

The real environmental issues affecting agriculture and demonstrate how different farming enterprises are addressing the effects of climate change from a personal perspective.

HiFEN: Do's & Don'ts - Soils & Drainage Nov 2017 (872 KB PDF)

HiFEN: Group visit to Mid Coul Farms AD Plant - July 2016 (475.24 KB PDF)

Corrimony Upland Beef and Sheep Case Study (629.44 KB PDF)