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Five principles of Regen Ag; new Practical Guides

Regenerative agriculture (also referred to as conservation agriculture or ecological farming), is an approach centred around improving and revitalising soil health.

The Soil Regenerative Agriculture Group are focusing their work around the following widely accepted regen ag principles and we have produced five new practical guides covering each of the following headings:

  • Minimise soil disturbance - help support a healthy soil food web.
  • Maximise crop diversity - different crops bring different rooting depths and attributes, supporting a range of biodiversity both above and below ground.
  • Provide constant soil cover - protect soils from wind and water erosion; reduces water loss.
  • Keep a living root in the system - root exudates benefit microbial populations, supporting soil health.
  • Integration of livestock - promoting species diversity from microbes to mammals and putting dung back into the system.

The key, and one of the questions the group is trying to answer, is how we can integrate these five principles into a profitable business in Scotland?  Our new Practical Guides are available at Soil Regenerative Agriculture Group - Farming for a Better Climate


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