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The Farming for a Better Climate (FFBC) newsletter keeps you up to date with some of the tips and ideas we are exploring with other farmers and through Scotland's Farm Advisory Service (FAS) to help improve farm efficiency and profitability and reduce Scottish agriculture’s carbon footprint.

A circular graphic showing the faces of the five Soil Regenerative Agriculture farmers

In this edition

    • Soil Regenerative Agriculture Group; progress update
    • Altering inputs to maximise yield
    • What is ‘regenerative agriculture’?
    • Planning for potatoes
    • Direct drilling at Leitfie Farms
    • Keeping a root in the ground
    • Establishing cover crops
    • Nature of Scotland Awards
    • Bringing livestock back into the arable system
    • Top tips for calving
    • Improving calf productivity
    • Sustainable dairy group
    • New report gives ideas to cut agricultural emissions
    • Reaching ‘net-zero’
    • More trees on farms?
    • Habitat linkage and carbon sinkage
    • Weathering the extremes
    • Field drains
    • COP26; UN Climate Change Conference
    • Myth-busting
    • How are other farmers tackling climate change?
    • Seeking help and helping others
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What's been happening?

The switch from Brexit dominating the headlines to the unscripted global challenge of Covid-19 has brought with it a new set of challenges for all of us.  Although it might not always feel like it, challenges do bring opportunities, so now might be a good time to take stock and re-asses some routine activities. What measures could help you, could you use some support or can you offer additional help to a neighbour? We list some helpful resources later in the newsletter.

These factors aside, in this newsletter we take a look back over the winter months and visit some of the ideas behind the Soil Regenerative Agriculture (RA) Group, some of the questions the group would like to answer going forward and a selection of activities underway on three of the five farms working with us on RA techniques.

Alongside the Soils Group, we also take a look at some of the other activities we have been involved with across the country to help farmers who are looking to reduce their farm carbon footprint and help support Scotland's efforts to combat climate change.

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