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Farming For a Better Climate Newsletter -Summer 2020 (No. 22)

Working towards net zero - where to begin?

  • Know where you are starting from. Where do the majority of your greenhouse gas losses come from, and can you reduce them?  A carbon footprint will quantify emissions and show how you compare with like businesses.  See for details of a funded carbon audit.
  • Identify low carbon measures which suit your farm. Which mitigation measures could you adapt or adopt to benefit your business?  Our practical guides, case studies and activities on the Focus Farms and within the Soil Regenerative Agriculture group all provide tips and ideas, showing what other farmers have done.
  • Monitor and measure, review and refine. How much fuel you are using?  Could you make better use of slurry or manures?  What’s the nutritional value of your silage and could you tailor your ration?  Plenty of simple and practical measures can help reduce your farm carbon footprint with no loss of production.
  • Promote what you do. ‘Low carbon’ is increasingly becoming a selling point.  We all like to know what others have done and how they made it work - share your ideas and show how the sector is actively tackling climate change.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @SACFarm4Climate or email us

Also in this edition...

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