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The Farming for a Better Climate (FFBC) newsletter keeps you up to date with some of the tips and ideas we are exploring with other farmers and through Scotland's Farm Advisory Service (FAS) to help improve farm efficiency and profitability and reduce Scottish agriculture’s carbon footprint.

In this edition

What's been happening?

Whilst day to day activities continue on farm, we are all still emerging out of an unprecedented national lockdown.  We may not have travelled far during this time, but our digital skills have come a long way.  Facetime, Zoom calls and the like have now become our substitute for meetings and events, both in our day to day work and keeping in touch with friends and family.

Here at Farming for a Better Climate, we too have been confined to barracks, meaning its been Teams calls with the Soil Regenerative Agriculture Group and sharing progress and activities between us via WhatsApp and social media.  We have also embarked on a new and exciting series of podcasts, which have been easily recorded over the phone.  More about that later.

In this newsletter, we will catch up with some of the activities in the Soil Regenerative Agriculture Group (pictured above right, pre Covid19 and social distancing) and take a more detailed look at ideas to help dairy farmers reduce emissions and benefit the farm business, along with picking up on a few other bits and pieces that have been happening over the summer months along the way.

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