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Using New Technology to Improve Performance

This is the final meeting of the three-year Climate Change Focus Farm project held at Rumbletonrig Farm in the Scottish Borders.  The project aim was to raise awareness of greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture where they occur and what measures can be taken to reduce the carbon footprint per unit of farm output.

Join us on Thursday 18 July at 3 pm at Rumbletonrig Farm, Greenlaw, TD10 6XS.  We will review some of the changes made by the family-run business over the last three years and how these changes have impacted on the environment and performance.

Our guest speaker for the event is Bowhill farm manager, Sion Williams, who will talk about his experience using rumen boluses and neck collars to improve cow monitoring and herd performance.

Find out more about Rumbletonrig and read meeting notes from previous events on our Climate Change Focus Farms webpage.

As this event will close with food & refreshments, you are asked to reserve your place by calling 01835 823322 or by emailing